I am a Visual Experience Designer with over ten years of experience in the web industry. Simple clean design, rich detailed graphics, modern usability flows and everything in between. My experience includes UI Design, Visual Design, Product Design, Style Guides, & Marketing Material.


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Launch Full Project

GoPro Redesign

After studying GoPro's site I noticed two things for improvement. An overall redesign using images to support the products. I felt there was so much story telling potential.  The second was to have products available to purchase on major pages for quick purchase. Role - Interactive UI, Visual Design.

Tesla Engery Flow

I was invited to participate in Tesla's design challenge for an energy flow feature. Tesla viewed over 250 portfolios and I was in the top 10% of the designers asked to submit. It was a unique experience as I had never designed UI flows for on-board car systems. The process got me to really think about the drivers hand reach and safety. Having the controls large and in reach could keep the drivers eyes on the road and not on the screen searching for action buttons. Role - Interactive UI, Visual Design. 


Pro bono landing page. Images are for mockup purpose only. Role - UI, Visual Design.


Mockups of a Mens Lifestyle site I conceptualized, designed and pitched to my former employer during a hack week. Role - Concept, Feature Creator, UI, Design. 


RCAS Ep Cover, Web related marketing material. Role- Co-conceptualized, Designer. 


BandGather is an up and coming site for musicians, fans and music business. Role - Logo Design, UI, Visual Design.


Friend Finder Network acquired an antiquated dating site and I was tasked with the challenge to redesign and rebrand the entire site to meet today’s standards in usability and design.

The main feature of the site is member photo and video rating with the purpose to facilitate online dating through a membership model. The existing site had no real design treatment. For example, the site’s UI predated current usability standards and the visual design was incohesive and inconsistent.

Since this was an entire site redesign, the first step was to become a power-user of the site and make notations of necessary improvements. After creating a site map, I then made a first pass of edits by removing redundant links in the main navigation. Next, I started on the wire frame process. I made edits to the internal pages by updating all content filters, redesigned the page layouts, and integrated web standard usability flows.

I did the same treatment for the other sections of the site, including the User Upgrade, Edit Content, Upload Photos/Videos and Billing sections.

After the wire frames were approved, I created a PDF file with detailed instructions for the developer and a PSD file with a high fidelity graphic mockup, graphic assets, and a style guide.

Launch Full Project

Penthouse Models

Model signup site for Penthouse Magazine. 23% increase in signups. Role - UI, Visual Design

Older work

Medley Ads Search

The search function was dated and difficult to use. I replaced it with top level visual banners so the user could select quickly. For deeper search I added a faceted search on the left hand column.  Role - Interactive UI, Visual Design.

Find It Again

Find It Again - a second chance to find love. Social dating site. Role - UI, Visual Design, Copy.

Fast Cupid

Marketing Page and Responsive Profile Page. Role - Feature Creator, UI, Visual Design, Copy.

Quokka / NBC Olympics

Quokka Sports covered  CART racing, LeMans racing, The America's Cup, adventure sports and NBCOlympics.com. Quokka was an innovator in design, editorial and was ahead of it’s time covering live sporting events. As a Jr Designer it was an amazing experience. To this day I still use the story telling approach I learned back then. Role - Jr Designer.

Print Graphics

UFC fighter, Anderson Silva (personal project) and Jiu-Jitsu fighter, Mighty Mighty. Role - Design on Anderson Silva, Photography, Design on Mighty Mighty Wauriman.